miahsunRecipient of Sidney Lanier Prize in Fiction; New Millennium Writings Fiction Prize; Clark-Gross Novel Award; Lambda Literary Fellowship; Arteles, Anima and Red Gate Residencies; finalist for the New Letters Alexander Cappon Prize and Arcadia Press Chapbook Prize.

A military brat, Jeffra moved all through most of his childhood, but claims the South to be where he most identifies with. He spent his high school years in Baltimore, and then moved to Atlanta, where he studied English, Music and Theatre at Oglethorpe University. He later studied in the Master’s Program in Critical Studies at the California Institute of the Arts. He teaches Writing, Drama, Media and Cultural Studies at Santa Clara University and The San Francisco Art Institute. He is also Co-Editor-in-Chief of queer literary collaborative, Foglifter Press.

Jeffra finds interest in community-centered art and discourse and chooses to maintain a multi-disciplinary studio practice for its collaborative possibilities. The subjects of his work range from psychogeography and urban studies to gender structures to myth-making and ritual. His influences include Augusto Boal, Anna Deavere Smith, Peter Brook, Angela Davis, Richard Schechner, Judith Butler, Adrian Piper, Olafur Eliasson, Guy Debord and the Situationists, Whoopi Goldberg, Joe Goode, West African dance forms, and other artists/makers who emphasize process for their work.